28 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Additional Comments
“Our Learning Commons, like many others in academic libraries, is heavily populated with undergraduates.
Yet we also know that graduate students use the collections intensively and may not have other space on
campus in which to work.”
“Site visits are planned to other libraries.”
“We are interested in creating a space similar to the one for faculty at Valparaiso University where faculty are
given a group office, any may use it, but each academic year a faculty member is selected to use the office as
their permanent office and is then responsible for developing programming for other faculty.”
“We have a strong partnership with our central computing organization and partnering with them figures
prominently in our planning.”
Service Location(s)
6. Which of the following best describes the location(s) for the delivery of services specifically
designed for graduate students and/or faculty? N=42
Faculty Both
N 10 4 32
Services are delivered from pre-existing service points 20 4 16
Services are consolidated in a single discrete location (e.g., a research
18 3 4 11
Services are dispersed across several new service points or locations 14 3 11
Other 8 2 6
Please specify other location(s).
Graduate Students
“Document delivery for graduate students is requested online, but delivered at a pre-existing service point.”
“Lockers are provided in space in the Arts Libraries. Graduate Study Room is in our Biomedical Library.”
“Coordination of distributed campus support services through Web site.”
“The services provided are faculty studies or graduate carrels these are small spaces (sometimes shared) with
a desk, chair, Internet connection, and bookcase.”
“Two graduate student study rooms in bookstacks tower of main library. Still in planning stages for new
faculty spaces. 65 faculty research study rooms are available for assignment upon request.”
“Western Libraries: services are delivered from pre-existing service points. Teaching Support Centre is newer
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