SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 19
Developing Graduate Student and/or Faculty Spaces and Services
2. What drove the decision to provide spaces or services specifically designed for graduate students
and/or faculty? Check all that apply. N=48
Faculty Both
N 31 19 36
Requests from graduate students 33 27 6
Building renovation/reorganization 25 11 1 13
Requests from faculty 23 3 15 5
Result of a strategic planning process 23 5 3 15
Recommendations from library staff 21 5 16
Independent decision by the library administration 16 4 1 11
Influenced by success of other institutions 9 2 7
Funding opportunity specified these services 6 3 3
Independent decision by a group of campus units including the library 4 2 2
Funding opportunity specified this space 2 1 1
Mandated by an external body
Other reason 23 9 1 13
Please describe other reason(s).
Graduate Students
“A special ‘Graduate Services’ Library has existed for many decades at Berkeley, though a relocation and
redesign of the space occurred about 10 years ago. There are other locations with special services for
graduate students as well.”
“Focus groups when planning new space in Biomedical Library.”
“In consultation with Dean, Graduate Studies.”
“Ours is a widely distributed library system. A number of professional school libraries have study rooms and
facilities that are intended to be available only to the professional or graduate students affiliated with that
“Results of user surveys and focus groups showing that grad students have very different needs. Planned
increase in the grad student population by the university--potentially 1,400 grad students. Benchmarking
seating at similar university libraries.”
“Separate spaces for faculty and graduate students have been provided since the initial building was
constructed in the 1960s. Separate spaces were maintained after the building was renovated in 2004 though
in different formats.”
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