SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 51
Role Provides Services from: MOU? Comments
IT help desk located in our
Information Commons
Password reset, general
technology help with laptops and
approved software
IT help desk, wireless network support ITS and occasionally from within
the libraries early in the academic
IT Help Desk, wireless network
support, data services support
Campus computing centers and
IT help desk, wireless network
support, server management
ICS, NCS, Ancillary Services Some ICS, Service Level Agreement,
Ancillary Service Agreement
IT help desk, wireless network,
hardware/software discounts
IT location No
Library/IT Help Desk, wireless support,
computer classrooms, key served
This building and others No
Productivity workstations All
Provides a computer lab within the
library for graduate students
Providing equipment and support for
Help desk in the Information
Commons. Other services include
an advanced visualization lab,
humanities and social sciences
digitization support, Stat-Math
Lab, GIS
No We have an MOU for the
Information Commons with UITS,
our central computer organization.
Still in planning phases for
Research Commons.
The Campus Computing’s Academic
Technologies group staffs this service
No The Library’s Integrated Library
Systems Group and the Library’s
Digital Library Development
Center staff share office
space with the Computing
Organization’s Academic
Technologies Group. The
Academic Technology group’s
staff provides the equipment and
services to faculty and graduate
students from this space.
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