70 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
“Reference questions and instructional efforts are tracked.”
“Statistics are maintained on the number of Faculty Research Studies assigned per semester and the number
of graduate research carrels assigned.”
“Statistics regarding room assignments.”
“The number of carrels assigned to faculty and grad students is tracked.”
“We are in the process of doing focus groups with graduate students about the plans for the Research
“We keep statistics on these things but they are not segregated by user status.’
26. How is satisfaction with spaces and services for graduate students and/or faculty assessed? Check
all that apply. N=41
No formal assessment 6 15%
LibQUAL+® 26 63%
Suggestion boxes/boards 18 44%
In-house surveys 17 42%
Focus groups 15 37%
Interviews 8 20%
Broad-based research studies 1 2%
Other 10 24%
Please specify other.
“Academic support unit program reviews.”
“Anecdotal data.”
“In house surveys and triennial surveys sent to all faculty/staff/students.”
“Information not available yet.”
“In-house surveys and focus groups and other assessment plans/programs tbd.”
“LibQUAL+® was done in 2006 other assessments are on-going.”
“Surveys run by Graduate Student Organization.”
“This is not limited to graduate students and faculty. We also have a liaison librarian who works with each
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