SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 55
Writing Center N=40
Yes 15 37%
No 25 63%
No formal contracts or MOUs 13 93%
Some arrangements are documented through contracts or MOUs 1 7%
All arrangements are documented with contracts or MOUs
Role Provides services from: MOU? Comments:
All kinds of writing tutoring for
whole campus population -drop-in
and scheduled 45 minute sessions
Our building No
Coordinated support for writing
intensive classes
Library No
Dissertation assistance, writing,
tutoring, editing dissertations as well
as organizing them.
Service point in combination
with other services targeted for
No Not at this point, but there will be
an MOU.
English Center provides writing
tutoring to ENGL core writing courses
Liberal Arts classroom building
and Library satellite location in
Joint consultation services and
Main library No
Provide faculty development and
institutional services that support
a writing-centered curriculum
offer faculty workshops and
individual consultations in teaching
Offices within Faculty Commons No Student writing center is located
in the Learning Commons.
Range of support for student services
(though mainly undergraduate)
Usually their department, though
had a trial satellite in library
(cancelled due to their budget/
staff cuts)
Referral, some joint teaching Main library No
The Writing Center is moving to the
main library. They serve all students.
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