48 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
18. Which of the following personal growth services are provided to graduate students and/or faculty
in the service space(s)? Check all that apply. N=18
Faculty Both
N 2 2 15
Library information literacy/bibliographic instruction sessions 15 2 13
Academic content development 6 6
Writing clinic/editing services 6 2 4
Dissertation completion support/thesis coaches 5 1 4
Peer tutoring/mentoring 4 4
Numeracy sessions 3 3
Academic skills counselling (time management, etc.) 3 3
ESL services/translation services 1 1
Personal counselling (anxiety, depression, etc.)
Other personal growth services 1 1
Please specify other personal growth services.
“Potentially, all may be offered (tbd).”
Additional comments about services
“Although we do provide many of the above services to graduate students and faculty, we do not limit those
services to just faculty and graduate students.”
“Library literacy, academic content, writing clinic, per tutoring are offered in main library. No separate area for
grads or faculty.”
“Many of these services are provided already by campus in other locations than the Library.”
“We offer many of these services through our SMART Learning Commons which is open to all students. We
have a grad student research guide available online. We offer a series of grad student workshops in the fall
“Western Libraries: Library information literacy/bibliographic instruction sessions. Teaching Support Centre:
all checked. Although translation is not provided, there are special services offered to international graduate
students and faculty.”
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