38 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
If yes, please specify who else may use the service point(s).
“All patrons with circulation privileges use the circulation desk.”
“Any library user.”
“Any Virginia citizen 16 years and older.”
“Anyone with valid university ID.”
“Faculty _cannot_ use these spaces. They are however open to _both_ undergraduates and graduate
“Faculty are the primary users of services offered by the units housed within the Faculty Commons, but we
also welcome any student or administrative staff member with need of these services. Graduate student
instructors use the services of the Center for Teaching and Learning, for example.”
“Faculty Writing Place is only for faculty. Quiet Study space is for all.”
“If carrels are not occupied others may sit at them.”
“In some spaces the response would be ‘yes’ and in some ‘no.’”
“Members of the general public undergraduates students and faculty from other institutions not enrolled
“Only in the case of a seminar room that may be reserved by faculty others may use the space but may not
reserve it and must give it up when faculty wish to use it.”
“Service points were not specifically created for faculty or graduate students.”
“Staff/students authorized on their behalf.”
“The new Center for Faculty Excellence will primarily serve faculty and graduate students, but the other service
points in the Knowledge Commons will be open and available to undergraduates. Some, but not all of the
services and spaces will be open to non-affiliated researchers.”
“The Roger C. Holden Faculty and Graduate Student Reading Room is typically reserved for faculty and grad
students, but it is occasionally used for events and presentations that are open to a wider audience. The
Science Library Faculty and Graduate Student Reading Room is always reserved for faculty and grad students.”
“The service at the library service desks is available to all users. While this is the case, there are services
designed for graduate students and faculty to meet their research and teaching needs. For example, graduate
students and faculty can make appointments with librarians/archivists for in-depth archival and research
support. The Teaching Support Centre is for faculty and graduate students only.”
“The service point is open to anyone that wants to avail themselves of our services.”
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