SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 53
Faculty Development/Teaching Excellence Office N=40
Yes 18 45%
No 22 55%
No formal contracts or MOUs 17 100%
Some arrangements are documented through contracts or MOUs
All arrangements are documented with contracts or MOUs
Role Provides services from: MOU? Comments
Centre for Teaching and Academic
Growth http://www.tag.ubc.ca
Unspecified Librarians attend courses offered
by TAG on teaching skills
librarians also deliver information
literacy courses through TAG.
Coordinate teaching needs
assessment, Blackboard use,
electronic reserves.
Library No
Co-sponsor service and hold events. Another building No
In discussion stages now. To be determined No
Librarians offer workshops as part of
new faculty orientation
Centre for Support of Teaching No
Pedagogical program and skill
Teaching Support Centre in The
D.B. Weldon Library
Range of workshops, grants,
coordination of programs
Variety of campus locations based
on size of room available, some
in library
No Campus does not formally have a
teaching excellence center, rather
a collaborative group of campus
partners supporting faculty/
instructor development including
the library.
Research, teaching, and leadership
development of faculty and graduates
including workshops, seminars,
consultations, etc.
Center for Faculty Excellence
located in the main library
Space for faculty development
Offices and space in Library No
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