72 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
offices, scheduled by semester, inside the library.”
“In addition, there is a wing in the library that is composed of 220 faculty studies, offices that faculty can
rent by the academic quarter for a small fee. These are heavily used as quiet office space for doing library
“Many of the responses to questions relate to plans for a renovation that has not yet taken place, however
many of the services and collaborations mentioned are already in place.”
“Our main library is functioning at more than 50% over capacity, so the amount of targeted spaces that
we can offer to faculty and graduate students is currently limited. We try to offer a rich set of location-
independent services from our Web site. We are currently in the early stages of design for a new library
building, in which we will incorporate more dedicated faculty and graduate students spaces and (if needed)
“Ours is a huge research library at a giant university. We have nine primarily library buildings, almost all of
which offer collections and services targeted to graduate students and faculty. There are also departmental
libraries and reading rooms that are not under the library’s management, and these do a substantial amount
of focus on graduate students and faculty that would otherwise be done by the university library system and
staff if these libraries were reporting to us. Some of them have librarians some do not. We don’t always know
about their activities, promotions, or marketing. This made some of the survey questions a bit difficult to
“The Graduate Study Room just opened this semester and we are just beginning to look at making it fully
operational. We will be introducing more services and opportunities for graduate students in the future.”
“The library is interested in and is studying new ways of providing new types of collaborative flexible spaces
for faculty and graduate students that go beyond existing services.”
“This is a new facility and still very much in a developmental phase. Although we have used participant
surveys to assess individual events (workshops, etc.) held in the Faculty Commons, we have not used
LibQUAL+®, focus groups, or formal interviews since the opening of this facility, but we have plans to do so.”
“We are designing both a teaching commons (to be opening summer or fall) and a research commons. These
will completely change our responses to these questions.”
“We are just in the research and discussion stages of this project and have not gotten far enough along to
make much of a contribution to this survey. We will be interested in the results.”
“We have a unique building that is divided into two towers. The smaller of the two, the West Tower, has been
remodeled into an Information Commons with five floors of services and space designed for undergraduates.
To complement that and to recognize the need for services designed for graduate students and faculty we are
looking at the East Tower as the Research Commons, including the extensive collections in the humanities and
social sciences. Creation of the Research Commons in the library will offer support—in one central campus
location—to faculty and graduate students at any point in the complex research process. By assembling
groups and expertise now distributed throughout the campus, the Research Commons will blend technology
with traditional resources to serve as a center for a wide range of scholarly activities.”
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