90 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Provide an annual report to library administration, liaise with the library’s Office of Assessment, and hold monthly
meetings to share.
Quarterly reports, Collection Managers Forum, and the Engaged Librarian Forum
Reporting up through supervisor, although this is not formal.
Small group meetings when decisions need to be made.
Statistical and anecdotal information is gathered and applied.
Still working on this.
Team meetings, area meetings, review of feedback by supervisors and administrators, collection development analysis,
ILL analysis
There are various methods of communications in place to ensure information from liaisons feeds into decision making.
Many liaisons sit on at least one or two committees/working groups and their insights inform direction of work within
those groups. Information gleaned from liaisons is often brought to decision making discussions by unit heads in that
context of that committee.
This is supposed to happen through Library Engagement Team meetings.
Unit meeting, reporting up the chain of command
Use of data from Wufoo, clinical studies as a component of our strategic planning, feedback from constituents
We actively solicit input from liaisons related to specific questions/issues. Also “bullet” points and other
informal communications.
We have an online system to direct requests for books, DVDs, and other small one-time purchases to liaisons for
approval before final decisions are made by collection development staff. Requests for resources with recurring costs
or for major one-time purchases are gathered by liaisons and forwarded to the Collection Development team for final
purchase decisions. The library’s Strategic Planning Team has recently consulted with the Liaisons Team members when
developing potential goals and initiatives.
We regularly report both the quantity and the type of interactions to the Five Year Indicators report that is submitted
annually to the provost. The AD who supervises most of the liaisons is part of the executive group and the strategic
planning group.
Yearly gathering of information by department heads/managers for library retreat with managers and the Libraries’
administration. Yearly gathering of information by department heads/managers for strategic planning. Subject librarian
meetings are held on a regular basis and notes are forwarded to the appropriate leaders for consideration. Annual self-
evaluations are reviewed by a number of directs and associate deans.
42. Please describe up to three top benefits from providing liaison services. N=62
Ability to contribute to faculty research and student success at institution. Ability to serve as college-neutral space
for bringing together disciplines to foster scholarly communication across campus. Ability to impact course and
assignment design.
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