56 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
National Library of Medicine exhibits and extensive event/speaker series to complement them have faculty from
academic departments serve on library faculty search committees.
Social media, office hours, workshops, campus partnerships
Study curriculum and research-intensive courses to target those, infuse library into campus-wide undergraduate research
initiative, present at new faculty orientation and new student orientations
Support research and grant projects
There is never 100% for any service offered. That is unrealistic and it is a moving target as to the participation since it
may depend on faculty and classes.
Training for “elevator encounter,” attending morning report and rounds. Sponsoring journal clubs and others.
We are currently planning an examination of our outward-facing activities, which will help us identify new methods.
We are investigating how to become more involved in research support for scholars. There are a number of initiatives
underway that will draw on greater scholar participation in liaison activities.
We are looking at workload to try to free liaisons to spend more time with people in their assigned departments and to
develop and promote new services.
We have recently undertaken an external review with participation from over 50 university leaders across the institution,
as a way to better understand needs, create awareness, and engage the community.
We plan to provide group training.
Working collaboratively to spend allotted collection development funds, electronic newsletters and informational emails,
targeted workshops for faculty or for staff, etc.
21. Please identify the core duties of liaisons at your library. Check all that apply. N=67
Providing one-on-one research consultations 66 99%
Managing library collections in disciplinary areas 65 97%
Outreach and communicating news and items of interest from the library 65 97%
Teaching one-shot information literacy sessions 64 96%
Providing consulting on scholarly communication issues 55 82%
Reporting news from disciplinary departments to the library 53 79%
Embedding in discipline-based courses 51 76%
Providing data management consulting 42 63%
Regularly staffing the reference desk 41 61%
Teaching semester-long research or information literacy courses 28 42%
Other duty 31 46%
Please specify the other duty. N=31
Assisting teaching faculty to identify library resources and services for the courses and assignments.
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