58 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Providing digital scholarship support. Support for using and manipulating certain formats, such as visualization data,
maps &GIS
Providing direction to Digital Scholarship Team
Purchase of software to support faculty and student research needs. Training on software. We regularly staff our digital
centers with librarians doing research support, but we no longer have any reference desks in our libraries.
Refer for assistance on data management and copyright/open access. Develop integrated information literacy programs
for their department rather than only one shots. Providing information on new library services, new collections, etc.
Having office hours in the departments. Providing assistance with bibliographic management software, etc.
Referring users to data management and scholarly communications staff for consultations course design technical
computing support
Research &research grant support (literature search, systematic reviews, co-PIs), assignment creation &marking,
academic integrity, some supervise library associates, lead committees and projects
“Staffing the reference desk” includes the online and virtual aspects of our “Ask Us” service such as providing help
and consultation via chat and text messaging. Also, liaisons introduce faculty and students to “the library as a research
platform,” including technology-enabled spaces for visualization, digital media creation, and interactive computing,
along with tools for data analysis, visualization, and management.
Teaching 0–1 credit subject-specific information literacy courses
Text and data mining, and research data management advice, for campus units in which there is interest.
Walk-in and virtual reference (We do not have a reference desk.)
We no longer have a true reference desk, but we do staff a research consult desk.
Working on data management skills and some embedding
22. What is included on the menu of services that liaisons offer to their assigned department(s)? Check
all that apply. N=66
Departmental outreach (updating departments on new library services, resources, etc.) 66 100%
Reference assistance 66 100%
Communicating departmental needs to library 65 99%
One-shot instruction 65 99%
Collection development 64 97%
Integrating library instruction into the curriculum through collaboration with faculty 63 96%
Scholarly communication education 59 89%
Assistance with scholarly impact and metrics 58 88%
Promotion of institutional repository 55 83%
Consultation on open access issues 54 82%
Creating web-based learning objects 53 80%
E-research support 53 80%
Data management support 52 79%
Consultation on intellectual property issues 47 71%
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