SPEC Kit 349: Evolution of Library Liaisons · 89
Liaisons communicate frequently with their disciplinary sections and department heads. There are also cross-library
groups that communicate around: collections coordination, public services, department heads.
Liaisons make their information known to their representatives on one of our councils, their cabinet member, or the
faculty planning and coordinating committee—or all of the above! Development of our current strategic plan included
broad participation from across the library system, including liaisons.
Liaisons participate in strategic planning activities.
Liaisons participated in the creation of the new library strategic plan.
Liaisons report comments in the Faculty Interaction Database. Liaisons are expected to report out important news to
their departments. Liaisons also write annual summaries, and quarterly reports are generated at the departmental level.
Liaisons report to divisional directors who sit on a management committee. The directors report to the management
committee or the AUL for collections and services on feedback from liaisons about faculty and student needs.
Liaisons’ feedback is always considered when making decisions.
Mainly communication at each department level, with direct supervisors who then share that information with members
of the administration.
Monthly all-liaison meetings, statistics
Monthly meetings with departments and department heads focused on collection-related issues where collections
issues are discussed, representative working group (Collections and Access Working Group) that discusses and
makes decisions.
Monthly meetings, as indicated above, regular meetings of team leaders with the AD of Research and Information
Services, appointment of liaisons to relevant committees
Monthly meetings, informal communication
NA, though we plan to review this as part of our review of liaison services.
No one formal method of communication
None that I know of.
Not much. AD is on management team. AD works with department. Would like to see more broad strategic planning.
Nothing formal established, but it would be nice. Liaison librarians do prepare impact statements for proposed additions
to the curriculum, and that may influence decision-making for collection development.
Now: Through group meetings and managing up through supervisors to the program director and the AUL for Academic
Services. Future: All of the above plus data gathered through a customer relationship management system.
On-going. Being explored by a team of librarians.
One-on-one meetings between liaisons and supervisors. Established a Liaison Council for all liaisons to share ideas and
establish best practices. Department meetings open to all liaisons.
Participate in library review process ahead of strategic planning. Participate in annual departmental goal setting. Provide
feedback on project charters, proposal, job descriptions. Invited to contribute to conversations on emerging issues via
ISR meetings and special meetings. Participate in library-wide staff meetings.
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