SPEC Kit 349: Evolution of Library Liaisons · 81
35. To whom do liaisons report? Check all that apply. N=67
To their respective department heads 40 60%
Different reporting lines for different liaisons 29 43%
Associate Dean for Public Services/Collection Development 20 30%
Head of Reference 16 24%
Head of appropriate subject division 16 24%
Single reporting line 12 18%
Collection Development officer 8 12%
Associate Dean for Technical Services 4 6%
Head of Cataloging 3 5%
Head of Acquisitions 2 3%
Other reporting line 15 22%
Please briefly describe the other reporting line. N=15
Assistant Director for Academic Liaison, Associate Director for Collections and Academic Services, GIS and Data
Department Head, Head, DC Regional Libraries
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Branch library directors and associate deans
Depending on the responsibility, a liaison would report to the AD for Collections for collection development, the
Director for Liaison and Instruction for most liaison roles, the Head of Reference for research consultation and reference
services (that is currently under transition and redefinition). All liaisons are still evaluated by their library director as their
primary supervisor.
Head of Collection Development (We have more than one collection development librarian.)
Head, Learner Support and Engagement Services
Jointly report to two department heads (functions as a single reporting line).
Many report to the Director of the Academic Liaison Program (ALP). The director and those who report to her comprise
the ALP Leadership Team.
Most liaisons who are subject experts report to a manager who reports to the AUL for Research. Others report to
managers who report to the AUL of Learning &Teaching, AUL for Publishing, and AUL for Health Sciences.
Team Leader for Research Services, which includes collections, reference and instruction
They all end up reporting to the Associate University Librarian.
Those operating in branch libraries report to collection management/scholarly communication and director of special
collections/branch libraries.
To library directors in our Camden, New Brunswick, and Health Sciences locations and to the associate university
librarian for research and instructional services in our New Brunswick location.
To their specific department head, which then report to their library director, who then reports to the AUL for Research
and Learning Services.
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