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UIC Library Liaison Program: Activities, Competencies, and Indicators
1 |UIC Library Liaison Activities, Competencies, and Indicators, July 2015
UIC Library Liaison Program: Activities, Competencies, and Indicators
The intention of the library liaison program is to provide faculty, staff, and students with
a contact person in the library, who they can call upon for information about any library
service, resource, or issue. Librarians are assigned to a department(s) on campus
based on their education, experience, interests, and library needs. The liaison’s primary
role is to foster two-way communication between the library and the school. The liaison
is expected to understand the information needs of his or her school as clearly as
possible, and to represent those needs within the library. Liaisons are knowledgeable
about library resources and services and will be able to represent these effectively to
their contacts.
Activities of Library Liaisons
o Provide tailored workshops and general, course-specific or assignment
specific instructional programs to meet specific needs
o Offer demonstrations or workshops of resources and services of interest to
o Map information literacy to college/ departmental competencies
o Learn about college/ department instruction and research focus
Meet with department chair or other leaders to learn about directions of
department/ college, seek feedback on library services and collections
Attend department/ group meetings or other functions
Review departments/ colleges website and strategic goals
Periodic searches for faculty publications output
Participate in professional development activities to enhance skills and
knowledge to support assigned college or department
o Develop and maintain necessary subject and class-specific LibGuides
o Document activities related to curriculum integrated instruction (contact
names of instructors, documentation of instruction outline) so that transitions
of liaisons allow as much continuity as possible
o ALA Professional Standards for Proficiencies for Instruction Librarians and
Coordinators: http://www.ala.org/acrl/standards/profstandards
Communicate with college /department about new resources, changes in resource
functionality/features, and cancellations
o Prepare and distribute targeted library information news updates
o Send out annual Liaison letter and send to targeted audience as appropriate/
o 100 ways to Reach Your Faculty
New faculty
o Send information packets for new faculty
o Provide one-on-one orientation to new faculty members and teaching
Provide one-on-one reference and consultations to faculty, staff, and students on
database searches provide tailored database instruction or assist with developing
search strategy through email, in-person, and online
Collections development
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