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Librarian/Faculty Liaison Program
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Librarian/Faculty Liaison Program
The Librarian/Faculty Liaison Program provides faculty with an ongoing opportunity to keep abreast of KSL services and collections. Each
academic department has a designated research services librarian who maintains an awareness of the department's research and teaching
needs. Departments are encouraged to include their librarian in meetings, research projects, and other activities, especially when library
support is a factor to be considered. Librarians also teach classes related to research and information retrieval. We would be happy to
develop a course-related instruction component for any of your classes. These classes, one or several, focus on specific research databases
and other resources that students may use to for papers and projects. For more information, contact a librarian listed below.
KSL also strongly encourages each department to formally designate a faculty member as the department's library liaison so that
communication remains current. The department's liaison should keep the department informed of library activities and will act as the primary
contact and advocate for faculty representing the needs of the department to the library.
Case School of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering -Daniela Solomon, daniela.solomon2@case.edu, 368-8790
Chemical &Biomolecular Engineering -Brian C. Gray, brian.c.gray@case.edu, 368-8685
Civil Engineering -Daniela Solomon, daniela.solomon2@case.edu, 368-8790
Electrical Engineering &Computer Science -Daniela Solomon, daniela.solomon2@case.edu, 368-8790
Macromolecular Science &Engineering -Brian C. Gray, brian.c.gray@case.edu, 368-8685
Materials Science &Engineering -Daniela Solomon, daniela.solomon2@case.edu, 368-8790
Mechanical &Aerospace Engineering -Daniela Solomon, daniela.solomon2@case.edu, 368-8790
College of Arts and Sciences
Anthropology -Karen Thornton, karen.thornton@case.edu, 368-6511
Art History and Art -Leigh Bonds, leigh.bonds@case.edu, 368-4253
Astronomy -Karen Thornton, karen.thornton@case.edu, 368-6511
Biology -Yuening Zhang, yuening.zhang@case.edu, 368-5310
Chemistry -Yuening Zhang, yuening.zhang@case.edu, 368-5310
Classics -Stephen Toombs, stephen.toombs@case.edu, 368-2403
Cognitive Science -Karen Thornton, karen.thornton@case.edu, 368-6511
Dance -Stephen Toombs, stephen.toombs@case.edu, 368-2403
English -William Claspy, william.claspy@case.edu,368-3595
Earth, Environmental, &Planetary Sciences (Geology) -Evan Meszaros, evan.meszaros@case.edu, 368-3509
History -William Claspy, william.claspy@case.edu,368-3595
Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, &Statistics -Karen Thornton, karen.thornton@case.edu, 368-6511
Modern Languages &Literature -William Claspy, william.claspy@case.edu,368-3595
Music -Stephen Toombs, stephen.toombs@case.edu, 368-2403
Philosophy -Karen Thornton, karen.thornton@case.edu, 368-6511
Physics -Yuening Zhang, yuening.zhang@case.edu, 368-5310
Political Science -Mark Eddy, mark.eddy@case.edu, 368-5457
Psychological Sciences -Mark Eddy, mark.eddy@case.edu, 368-5457
Religious Studies -Mark Eddy, mark.eddy@case.edu, 368-5457
Sociology -Mark Eddy, mark.eddy@case.edu, 368-5457
Theatre -Stephen Toombs, stephen.toombs@case.edu, 368-2403
Weatherhead School of Management
Karen Oye, karen.oye@case.edu, 368-5309
Banking &Finance
Design &Innovation
Organizational Behavior
Interdisciplinary Areas
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