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Liaison Services |Strategic Document
How We Conduct Ourselves
Campus Relationships
We believe building connections and relationships across campus increases the visibility of library
services and increases the success of students and faculty.
We have expertise that contributes to teaching and research, and we strive to partner with campus
stakeholders to advance the mission of the university.
Our services and initiatives are based on user needs. We will ask why a service or imitative is
needed consider its value apply research, data, or assessment discuss opportunities it affords our
users, and plan for how we will measure its success. We will not let this inhibit our ability to move
quickly, but rather, we use this to test how well we have thought through our ideas..
Continual Improvement
We are willing to improve and invest in new ideas learned from one another, collaborators, and
professional activities.
Internal Collaboration
We work in teams to leverage expertise, both within the department and throughout the UH
Libraries, in order to strengthen our ability to achieve our vision and goals.
Out of respect for each other and the work we do, and in order to provide the highest possible level
of service to the campus community, we hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable for meeting
goals, expectations, and commitments. We believe in openly communicating about accountability
and we will seek and offer feedback to help hold ourselves accountable.
Emotional Intelligence
As a department we seek to improve our relationships, communication, and organizational culture
by committing to a shared effort of self‐improvement and self‐re�lection around all attributes of
emotional intelligence.
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