SPEC Kit 349: Evolution of Library Liaisons · 131
Liaison Librarian Professional Assignment Expectations, Professional Development Expectations, and
Scholarship Expectations
4) Providing reference/research support by
a) Holding regular office hours for student and faculty consultations
b) Answering phone, email, and other electronic inquiries from students, faculty,
and the public
c) Providing relevant online and print subject guides for faculty and students
d) Maintaining a working knowledge of reference desk policy and procedures and
training reference staff and student employees in specific tools and strategies in
assigned subject areas
e) Employing emerging technologies as appropriate
f) Providing support for faculty in the areas of scholarly communications, including
copyright, authors rights, data management, impact metrics and altmetrics
5) Promoting and coordinating of projects to digitize collections as appropriate,
a) Acting as a consultant and content expert on digital projects related to assigned
subject areas.
b) Teaching courses in academic departments as requested and as appropriate
2. Sets and accomplishes relevant goals within specified professional assignments.
b. Participates in committees that are a direct outgrowth of assigned professional
responsibilities (See also 1.f.)
c. Achieves appropriate quantity and quality of work in assigned professional responsibilities.
d. Uses sound judgment in decision-­‐making.
e. Manages personnel and resources effectively including submitting reports, keeping
statistics, and managing appropriate budgets.
2. Librarianship: Professional Development
a. Stays abreast of issues and trends in academic librarianship, higher education, and
scholarly communication.
b. Stays abreast of issues and trends in assigned subject areas.
c. Stays abreast of scholarship in assigned subject areas, and other appropriate subject
areas of expertise.
d. Takes courses to enhance professional assignment and/or career opportunities.
e. Studies professional literature.
f. Attends conferences and workshops.
g. Participates in appropriate professional associations.
3. Librarianship: Scholarship/Creative Work
a. Collaborates with other faculty in appropriate research endeavours.
b. Presents research or innovative/unique information in the assigned subject fields,
and/or in the field of librarianship at conferences, workshops, seminars, and/or other
professional meetings.
c. Publishes significant and original contributions relevant to librarianship and/or to
assigned subject areas.
d. Curates exhibits that highlight unique library materials with a unified theme and
context, providing significant educational opportunities for the campus community.
e. Performs other approved scholarship/creative works.
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