SPEC Kit 349: Evolution of Library Liaisons · 123
Liaison Librarian
Human Resources department at the University of Waterloo
Liaison Librarian
Date: June 26, 2014
Reports to
(Job Title):
Head, Information Services and Resources (ISR), Dana Porter Library
or Head, Information Services and Resources (ISR), Davis Centre
(Job Titles):
Location: Library
Main Campus, Optometry, or Pharmacy
Grade: USG 8 -13
35 hr/wk
Primary Purpose
Liaison Librarians are the Library’s primary contact with the University’s Schools/Academic Departments.
Each Liaison Librarian is a member of the Information Services and Resources Department and is responsible
for one or more Academic Department/School. Liaison Librarians enhance the Library’s contribution to the
University community through the development and delivery of library information services and resources to
faculty members, students and staff.
In order to support research, teaching and learning at the University of Waterloo, Liaison Librarians are
proactive in information resources development and management as well as the development and provision
of instructional activities that support the curriculum and develop students’ research related literacies and
lifelong learning. As appropriate, the Liaison Librarians contribute expertise in support of grant applications
and the research process. Librarians are knowledgeable of, and engaged in activities related to scholarly
research, inquiry, and publishing.
Liaison Librarians work closely with Library departments, committees, and others as appropriate to advance
the Library’s strategic directions and lead projects and initiatives in their areas of responsibility and
Key Accountabilities:
1. As a Liaison Librarian, the incumbent:
Supports and advances the Library’s strategic directions to further the Library’s
contribution to the campus Strategic Plan for learning, teaching, and research in
the campus community
Consults with the campus community to develop, implement, coordinate, and
review initiatives/services/resources that support teaching, learning and research
Promotes the use of Library services and resources to the campus community, and
as aligned to assigned subject areas or areas of expertise
Provides instruction in areas related to expertise
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