36 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Currently, most catalogers are not assigned liaison duties, though some of them do share public services responsibilities
and DO have liaison roles. Some systems librarians do not have liaison roles. Some librarians with administrative
responsibilities may not have liaison roles.
Designated as subject specialists: the liaison role is inherent in the job duties.
Faculty librarians with subject responsibilities are automatically considered liaisons. Not all faculty librarians have subject
responsibilities. And not all of our liaisons have MLS.
For academic liaisons, those with collecting and teaching responsibilities are selected.
Hired specifically for that job. On occasion they may be assigned as needed, or as responsibilities move around with
faculty (library) changes.
I believe that most librarians have some sort of liaison role, but hesitate to say that all do. As mentioned previously,
some are liaisons to academic departments, others are liaisons for other aspects of the university, including campus
initiatives, academic support, etc.
If they have any responsibility for providing outreach to students and faculty and they do some kind of instruction, then
they are considered liaisons.
In general, librarians not in Technical Services, User Experience, IT, Admin, and Special Collections.
It is based on subject expertise, educational experience, and role within the library. A final decision is made by the
liaison coordinator and the Associate Dean of Collection Development and Access.
Liaison librarians are selected through a formal open search process. In other words, they are hired into the positions.
Liaison responsibilities are most commonly assigned to subject specialist librarians, but expertise can determine that
another professional may take on such a role.
Liaison responsibility usually accompanies job duties as a collection manager, research/reference librarian, or branch
librarian. Currently, our Digital Library Initiatives department houses one liaison who specializes in digital humanities
and visualization services.
Liaison roles are assigned as part of specific jobs with job descriptions. For the most part, librarians are hired into
these positions.
Liaisons are librarians with direct contact with academic departments so this does not include technical services or
access services staff.
Liaisons are primarily based in public service units.
Liaisons are selected based on their expertise and interest in subject areas.
Liaisons have been selected and hired for liaison responsibilities based mostly on their subject knowledge or work
experience in a particular field.
Librarians are assigned according to their academic background, interests, department, and ability to serve all the needs
of the departments.
Librarians are hired for liaison roles in the main library and several branches, but there are also many non-liaison
positions filled by librarians.
Librarians are hired into liaison roles based on the subject or functional needs at the time. We have other librarians who
are hired into collections support and systems positions who do not have liaison responsibilities.
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