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Subject Librarians: Liaisons at Emory
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Subject Librarians: Liaisons at Emory
Identifies who we are and what we do
Liaisons at Emory TaskForce &Team Leader Documentation
Liaison Roles Documentation
Subject Librarian Roles &Responsibilities (current version)
Written by a diverse team of librarians after reviewing our peers and results of library focus groups and surveys of Emory faculty and students.
Approved July 2013 by the Senior Vice Provost for Library Services while serving as the interim Director of Libraries.
Liaison Roles 2009 version
The Division changed leadership and teams were changed. Likewise, the ARL Liaison report was used to update our roles.
Liaison Roles 2004 version
Teams were consolidated and the document was changed to reflect this. Library Administration approved changes in 2004.
Liaison Roles 2002 version
The original document when subject liaisons were first implemented and assigned at Woodruff Library
Emory Liaisons
Contacting Subject Librarians is possible from several links at the Woodruff Library.
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