78 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Liaisons meet every other month as a group, in what is called the Subject Specialists meeting. Additionally, each
disciplinary group meets every other month, approximately.
Liaisons meet informally to share information and discuss projects, new technology, etc. At HSL, as mentioned earlier,
liaisons from across the library have two group meetings a month (on different days and times to accommodate
varying schedules). These are opportunities to seek advice and share tips and projects, etc. One of the liaison librarians
convenes these meetings and calls for and contributes agenda items.
Liaisons meet together twice monthly to discuss issues and provide feedback on instruction and collection
development matters.
Many of our liaisons are organized into broad disciplinary sections (Social Sciences, Science/Engineering, Humanities).
These groups meet frequently. We also have collection development discussion groups, meetings to discuss scholarly
communication issues, etc. Disciplinary sections have retreats they use to reflect on their work.
Meetings of our councils, as described earlier, of our subject teams, within buildings, a series of brown bag lunches,
meetings of the Liaison Assembly
Monthly departmental meetings, series of outreach &engagement workshops, planned informal discussions and
online forum
Monthly meetings at each campus site, annual liaison summit across sites
Monthly meetings of all liaisons, email discussions
Monthly meetings plus “Communities of Interest” to discuss themes relevant to the four areas of the Libraries
Engagement Framework
Monthly meetings
Monthly staff meeting with all subject librarians and reference desk staff. Periodic collection management meetings with
subject librarians. Monthly subject team meetings. Some community of practice sponsored events.
Monthly subject department and Collection Development Council meetings
Project teams meet regularly as needed. The Research Librarians meet as a group. Lightning talks are scheduled to share
projects in progress across the libraries.
Regular departmental meetings, continuing education forums
Regularly schedule meetings that bring liaisons together, related to the training
Regularly scheduled forums for liaisons to discuss issues and share practices
Subject specialists meet monthly.
Team meetings, area meetings, all liaison meetings, work groups
The Director for Liaison and Instruction Services has been offering lunch-time forums on designated topics and tools
available for liaisons. We have identified and are initiating cross-disciplinary sub-groups to provide informal collaborative
discussions and possible projects.
The Health Science Center library liaisons have meetings scheduled weekly (although probably 25% of them are
canceled due to scheduling conflicts) and liaison activities can be placed on the agenda. All liaisons live in the same
suite, so there is ample opportunity to discuss new initiatives, what has worked, what hasn’t.
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