22 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
1. Does your library’s organizational structure include librarians or other library staff whose job
duties include liaison responsibilities as described in the introduction? N=72
Yes 67 93%
No 5 7%
Comments N=4
Answered Yes N=2
About two dozen librarians have subject librarian/liaison work as their primary assignment, and another dozen do some
liaison work on a secondary basis (typically with contact at one campus department). This is out of about 80 librarians.
They are no longer called liaisons.
Answered No N=2
Reference librarians teach classes and research orientations open to the general public in use of the library’s
collections. The library also has a division that offers job-related training, much of which is made available to the wider
library community.
We moved away from the liaison model in 2009. Since that time, the library has been operating with a team-based
model that depends on functional specialization (as opposed to disciplinary specialization, which is what we used to
have in the liaison model).
If yes, please complete the survey.
If no, please answer one more question, then submit the survey.
2. Is there anyone who serves as the library’s primary contact with faculty, researchers, or students at
your institution? N=5
Yes 1 20%
No 4 80%
If yes, please briefly describe their position(s) and role(s). N=1
Manager Reference and Instruction Service
Additional Comments N=4
All five of our strategic teams have interactions with faculty (some more than others).
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