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Strategic Objective III.1 Formalize the Network of Library Liaisons… Final Report
Strategic Objective III.1 Formalize the Network of Library Liaisons to
Departments and Academic Programs Across the University to
Strengthen Relationships. Build Liaisons’ Subject and Information
Expertise to Enhance Ongoing Dialogue with Researchers.
Final Report
I. Introduction
In September, 2011, the Library Executive Group (LEG) charged a small team of library staff to work on
developing one of the strategic priorities for the Library for the period 2012-­‐2015, i.e. formalizing the
network of library liaisons to departments and academic programs.
The team members include:
Kathy Chiang (co-­‐chair)
Virginia Cole
Dan McKee
Fiona Patrick (replaced by Gail Steinhart)
Patrizia Sione
Kornelia Tancheva (co-­‐chair)
Jill Wilson
Drew Wright
The LEG sponsors of the team are Janet McCue and Oya Rieger.
In a discussion with the sponsors, the following goals were set:
Look at the University’s strategic plan goal regarding library services for faculty and build a
robust cohesive program around it.
The program should include, among other things, a table matrix of liaisons, updated job
descriptions, clear expectations for liaisons, training for liaisons, means of spreading resources
across units and two-­‐way communication (from library to faculty and from faculty/departments
to library).
The team was asked to conclude its work by the end of December 2012.
LEG and the Managers’ Council also produced an initial Goal/Objectives/Deliverable Document, which
the team revised and is attached at the end of the report as Appendix 1.
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