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Liaison Services |Strategic Document
Focus On Values
Internal Collaboration:
 Communicate our goals to stakeholders and UH Libraries collaborators
 Balance our pursuits with other departmental priorities
 Work to help other departments meet goals when possible
 Be more purposeful about sharing and following through on training and learning opportunities
 Build documentation procedures into projects
 Continue to assess at least 50% library instruction sessions, and focus on making positive changes by turning
our assessment feedback into action
Graduate Student Support
 Develop a sustainable, comprehensive model for a workshop series focused on knowledge and skills needed
to be successful as researchers and teachers.
 Create and implement a program to market current services and resources to graduate students across
colleges. Make recommendations on how this program can be sustainable.
Outreach &Research Support
 Create a solid foundation for expanding our data‐related services by building relationships, awareness, and
infrastructure, both internally (within the Libraries) and externally (on campus and in the community).
 Determine our core services as a department and develop a method to identify department members with
particular skills or expertise and ensure appropriate intra‐departmental collaboration.
 Develop a comprehensive online learning plan to address a growing expansion of online courses.
 Using the new ACRL IL Framework and the curriculum mapping project results, create programmatic
learning outcomes and strategies.
 Continue to assess and change lower level modules and instructional approaches, keeping in mind the new IL
 Continue to align collections activities, especially the acquisition of new resources, with university priorities,
as indicated by new degree programs, faculty hires, increasing enrollments, etc. Speci�ically, determine a
methodology for general prioritization of subject areas.
 To ensure close alignment with university priorities and good stewardship of our resources, continue
collection assessment processes, including implementing changes based on recent collection assessment
Liaison Services
Goals 2014‐2015
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