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UC, San Diego Academic Liaison Program
UC, San Diego Academic Liaison Program
Description of Services
The ALP aims to integrate information services and competencies within academic programs in
support of UC San Diego’s teaching and research activities. We develop strategies to learn
about and understand information needs of academic departments and programs identify and
implement effective methods to promote library services and resources and provide subject‐
specific user services. Services include consultation by request development and delivery of
curriculum‐related content and instruction on library related topics identified through liaison
relationships and user needs assessment, such as scholarly communications, publishing,
research data management, copyright compliance and effective use of library resources. The
ALP is also responsible for developing ways to effectively communicate academic research and
teaching needs and priorities within the library, so that library policies, collections, and services
are responsive to the interests and preferences of the academic community.
User Needs Research and Assessment
Observational Methods
Environmental scanning:
Identify and describe research, educational and other campus user groups
Track Research trends: topics, seminars, publications, Research Intelligence Portal, etc.
Track curricula: faculty and staff continuing education graduate and undergraduate curricular
objectives. Identify and develop mapping tool in collaboration with learning services. Each
program envisions using the tool for different projects with different mapping parameters.
Attend or monitor campus public events, discussion forums, news streams.
Document departmental and programmatic accreditation standards for library resources and
Actively participate in the Library’s external user advisory groups.
Facilitate discipline‐focused user advisory groups as needed, including faculty, staff and
Investigational methods: Collaborate with other programs and Library Council to strategize and
Build and maintain a User Knowledge Base: User research and needs assessment will yield data
to build and maintain a knowledge base of user needs that synthesizes observational data and
enables the Library to respond to evolving demands. Such a knowledge base could be used to
map UCSD library resources services outreach information‐ and data literacy standards to
campus programs, research and curricula.
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