SPEC Kit 349: Evolution of Library Liaisons · 145
UIC Library Liaison Program: Activities, Competencies, and Indicators
6 |UIC Library Liaison Activities, Competencies, and Indicators, July 2015
Potential Indicators of Success /Integration of Library Liaisons
Note: Not all indicators are appropriate for all liaisons. Accomplishing items on the list are
potential indicators of successful integration /communication with a college/ department.
Collaboration in conducting a narrative or systematic literature searching with
appropriate co-author designation as appropriate
Teach a course or course component
Establish a teaching partnership with faculty in college
Increase teaching partnerships
Attend departmental events and meetings, faculty meetings, or lab meetings on a
regular basis
Participate in departmental events and meetings present on databases, service, or
Serve on departmental task force, committee, or council
Serve on departmental curriculum committees
Establish a research partnership with faculty in college
Develop a program that promotes active student-centered learning
Liaison is known by assigned college’s faculty
Receive faculty status within the college or department
Included on departmental or college listservs
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