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UMass Amherst Libraries Librarian Engagement Framework: moving forward
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The UMass Amherst Libraries Librarian Engagement Framework
UMass Amherst Libraries Liaison Program: moving forward
The Liaison Advisory Council (“LAC”) developed this document to serve as an internal guide to UMass
Librarians who serve in what we what we currently refer to as the Liaison Program.
The new name of this specific group, now to be called the Librarian Engagement Program, reflects
the Library’s goal to reach out and to actively participate in supporting teaching, learning, and
research efforts across the University campus. It is our intention, as well, that all UMass Amherst
librarians and staff will see themselves and their roles described to some extent, somewhere in this
document that all will identify with the values articulated here and will participate, to the extent that
is appropriate, in the broad range of activities described.
Academic libraries have become more complex, offering services that are more diverse and
responsive to the significant changes that are affecting higher education. Academic libraries have re-
oriented the subject specialist/liaison librarian cohort from the traditional collections-focused role to a
teaching/learning and research enterprise role. This new model requires a more collaborative,
engaged approach that builds on expertise from across all units in the UMass Amherst Libraries
(Libraries) to blend librarian expertise more integrally into the teaching/learning workflow,
institutional objectives, and research practices of scholars, researchers, and students.
While we continue to provide traditional library support to faculty and students, we also now assist
users in interpreting the increasingly complex information infrastructure, of which the Libraries are
part.We are already actively engaged in the teaching, learning, and research enterprise. In so
doing, we play an important role in facilitating collaboration and collective action across disciplinary
and institutional boundaries.
Framework Purpose and Structure
The Framework foci below are intended as both a guide and a toolkit for librarians serving the UMass
Amherst community, defined as faculty, students, staff, and citizens of the Commonwealth. It describes
prospective librarian roles based on the Libraries’ and the University’s strategic plans. Librarians are
expected to use the Framework foci as a guide to identify opportunities, priorities, and specific
activities for respective constituencies.
The document consists of two main sections: the Values and the Outline. The Values apply to all
librarians, regardless of home department or functional role. The Outline describes responsibilities
and expectations along with ‘best practice examples’ to inform implementation strategies for core
engagement activities. These ‘best practice examples’ are not comprehensive. The purpose of the
Outline is to both give ideas about how to implement the program, and to show how the work of the
various departments are all integral to Librarian Engagement Framework..
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