96 · Representative Documents: Collection Descriptions and Policies
Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives Collection Policy
ARM PA103 Collection Policy 9/12
Records documenting what the families have accomplished
o correspondence
o film footage
o trial information
o committee work
o clippings, news articles
o writings, articles, letters to editor, opinion pieces
o reports
Records documenting victims’ groups such as VPAF103
o articles of incorporation, charters
o constitutions and by-laws
o meeting information such as announcements, meeting minutes and agendas
o newsletters and other publications
o clippings
o correspondence
o photographs
o reports (annual, committee, etc.)
o audio and video recordings
o membership lists and directories
o financial statements, budgets and treasurer's reports
o brochures and pamphlets
o press releases
o speeches
o subject files
o memorabilia
Records relating to the aftermath of the bombing
o legislation
o government reports
o court rulings and judicial opinions
o books
o musical compositions
o poetry
o theatrical productions
o dissertations and thesis
o hoaxes and conspiracies (wantonly inaccurate materials or blatantly false information are not collected)
Finding aids will be created for all processed collections and will make clear the collection’s place in the story of
Pan Am Flight 103. This will include the role of the individual who created or donated the materials and their
relationship to the bombing.
There is no required cash gift associated with the donation of materials, but conserving and indexing collections,
rehousing them in acid-free folders and boxes, storing them in an environmentally controlled facility, and providing
worldwide access via the web are costly tasks. Support from individuals and organizations who donate records is
always appreciated.
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