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Bethlehem Howell Neighborhood Center Collection
Bethlehem Howell Neighborhood Center collection MSBHNC70 An inventory of the collection at the University of Illinois at Chicago
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"Notice" for the Bethlehem Community Center. Written by
Clifford Manshardt, October 9, 1944. Box 9, Folder 59.
"Preamble" for the Bethlehem Community Center. 1937.
Box 10, Folder 67. "Bohemian Settlement House By-Laws.
Effective Jan. 1, 1914." Box 35, Folder 240. "Plan of
Consolidation" for the Neighborhood Services
Organization, 1965. Box 37, Folder 255. "Howell
Neighborhood House: Its Forty Years, 1905-1945" by
Gertrude Ray: also, "Miss Ray's Book of Memories and
Howell House Today. 1955." Box 39, Folder 270.
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Series I: Bethlehem House File List
Sub-series I: Administration Records Sub-series
contains all administrative records relating to the
administrative structure of Bethlehem House from 1884
to 1969. This series includes newsletters, board meeting
minutes, board reports and financial records of the
settlement. Sub-series comprises 6.75 linear feet of
textual material (13.5 boxes).
Sub-sub series A: Newsletters Bethlehem staff and
volunteers composed newsletters in order to publicize
the center's neighborhood involvement. The newsletters
cover the years 1938 through 1950 and include
published articles about meeting schedules, club reports,
community events, and neighborhood activities.
Additionally, the newsletters contain local
advertisements and letters from local residents. Sub-
sub-series comprises .75 linear feet of textual material
(1.5 boxes).
Newsletters, 1938-1941
1 1
Newsletters, 1943-1948
1 2
Newsletters, 1943-1944
1 3
Newsletters, 1944-1945 1 4
Newsletters, 1945-1948 1 5
Newsletters, 1948-1949 2 6
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