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Mazer Lesbian Archives
The Mazer Lesbian Archives at UCLA
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The June L. Mazer Lesbian Archive at UCLA
is an outreach and collection-building
partnership between the June L. Mazer
Lesbian Archives and the UCLA Library.
These collections expand the pool of primary
source materials available to researchers and
to the community at large.
The partnership grew out of a project initiated
by the UCLA Center for the Study of
Women to inventory, organize, preserve, and
digitize several of Mazer’s key Los Angeles-
themed collections.
Project sponsor:
June L. Mazer Lesbian Archives
Project sponsor:
UCLA Center for the Study of Women
Project sponsor:
UCLA Library
For access to the physical collections
Charles E. Young Research Library
Department of Special Collections
For information about the digitized
collections contact:
UCLA Digital Library Program
Connexxus/Centro de Mujeres Collection
Administrative records of one of the first Los Angeles
non-profit organizations that catered and provided
services to lesbians.
Digital collections Finding aid
Cruikshank (Margaret) Collection
Book reviews, publicity materials, proposals,
correspondence, press releases and interviews relating
to Lesbian Studies, Lesbian Path New Lesbian Writing,
Lesbian-Feminist Study Clearing House.
Digital collections Finding aid
Faderman (Lillian) Collection
Drafts of published papers, books and book reviews,
research, correspondence, publicity materials and
lesbian, gay and women's publications.
Digital collections Finding aid
Southern California Women for Understanding
(SCWU) Collection
Records of Southern California Women for
Understanding (SCWU), one of the earliest lesbian
non-profit educational organizations in Los Angeles,
Digital collections Finding aid
Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW)
Papers and organizational records, publications,
ephemera and audio-visual materials.
Digital collections Finding aid
About the Archive
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