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the Assistant Archivist is typically involved in these discussions. In addition to the Director and Pan Am 103 Archivist,
and the Assistant Archivist for Pan Am 103, the Archives occasionally uses both graduate and undergraduate student
assistance. These students may be employed through work-study, fellowship, assistantship, or internship programs. The
level and type of support received from students varies by major, previous experience, and class standing. Graduate
students typically assist with processing, creation of EAD finding aids, and exhibits. Undergraduate students have
assisted in scanning and digitization projects.
A dedicated curator or archivist/A team of library professionals N=1
Community outreach activities
A team of library professionals N=7
Acquisition of new material
Exhibits, talks, displays, scanning, preservation for all staff categories. (2 responses)
No one is dedicated to this collection, on its own. We have one grant archivist, two interns, and two paid student
assistants who work on the other USN JLS/OLS collections. A staff archivist organized this collection on two occasions,
once with the assistance of a student assistant.
Occasional exhibits and public programs also use the endowments to fund an annual research grant for
external scholars.
Outreach exhibits, events, and scholarly research by archivist, and Outreach exhibits, events by team of
library professionals
Providing access to the collection
A team of library professionals/Community volunteers N=1
Local volunteers from the Edmonton Chinese Computer Society did assist with the scanning of some materials, which
will eventually form part of a digital version of this collection.
A team of library professionals/Temporary or grant-funded positions in the library/Community
volunteers N=1
Outreach and social media by community volunteers, library team, and grant-funded positions collection relocation
performed by volunteers.
A team of library professionals/Graduate Assistant/Community volunteers N=1
Exhibition management
If you selected “Other staff category/configuration” above, please briefly describe the category/
configuration and specify the activity. N=12
Processing and/or cataloguing N=2
Student assistants have helped arrange the archive.
The cataloging and technical processing is not a daily activity, but needed to be reflected in the answer.
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