36 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
14. What tools are used to arrange and describe the collection? For each tool used, please indicate
whether collection or item-level records are created. Check all that apply. N=35
Tools Collection-level
Finding Aid, including EAD 21 13 28
MARC records in a library catalog 18 9 24
Archival management system, such as Archivists’ Toolkit 12 8 17
Spreadsheets, such as Excel 7 10 12
Publicly accessible database developed and maintained by the library 5 6 9
Internal-use database developed and maintained by the library 7 5 8
Museum collections management system, such as PastPerfect 0 0 0
Other tool 3 4 5
Total Respondents 28 21 35
15. Please specify the software used to arrange and describe the collection. N=34
Finding Aid 31 91%
Archival management system 19 56%
Publicly accessible database 12 35%
Spreadsheet 10 29%
Internal-use database 8 24%
Museum collections management system 0
Other tool 7 21%
Please specify the other tool. N=7
Consolidated database of finding aids shared by several Virginia heritage institutions.
Library online catalog
Omeka, Archive-It, LibGuides
OPAC: Voyager
Our OPAC contains the collection-level record.
Selected material is digitized and described at the item level in the CARLI instance of CONTENTdm.
We are in the process of implementing ArchivesSpace. Some of our community organization collections make use of
spreadsheets, MS Access databases, EAD-encoded finding aids.
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