54 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
The hire of a community member as an “Assistant Curator.” The addition of key national community leaders to the
Collection’s Advisory Board. The establishment of the “Visiting Scholar” position, the first incumbent of which is a
globally celebrated and revered legend and founder of the Community.
The library’s digitizing of the entire collection has been the most significant milestone. Also, hosting a large public
gathering, with the then-Lieutenant Governor of California, indicated how much the university valued the collection and
its community connection.
To continue developing our Fedora repository so researchers and community group can access digital materials.
With the creation and publication of the AMS finding aid, it is expected that the collection will be exposed through
archivegrid, Worldcat and other search engines thus increasing interest in the collection for both members use and
researchers more generally.
36. Please indicate whether community use of the collection has increased, decreased, or stayed about
the same since the collection was acquired. Please make one selection per row. N=33
Community use Increased Decreased Stayed about the same N
In-person usage 14 0 18 32
Virtual usage (i.e., digital visits) 12 1 10 23
Total Respondents 20 1 21 33
Comments N=11
Collection has not been digitized.
Council 10 members and donor relatives regularly visit the collection, sometimes in conjunction with parent student
orientation visits to the University of Iowa. The council regularly organizes outings to bring donors and relatives to visit
their collections.
Digital access not available yet.
I think since I have been here (since June 2005) more people have accessed the collection than in previous years. I
have an attitude that this information should be used for research. I do a great deal of outreach directly to the churches
teaching them about how to organize their records at their churches, and prepare them for delivery to the school of
theology library. Being more active in the field, and making my presence known to the many people out there in the
community has spurred more inquiry and more interest in the collection.
In person usage was high before library acquisition due to the physical museum space, yet virtual presence was non-
existent. With library acquisition, the permanent physical space was eliminated but there has been an increase in
digitized materials available.
No virtual usage.
Researcher use of the collection has also increased. There is no digitized version of the collection at this time.
Since its beginnings in 1990, the Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives has provided vital information
to law enforcement, journalists, attorneys, and victims’ families. Collection materials have been accessed again and
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