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Additional Comment N=1
The activities apply equally to all collections. At this time, we are just focusing on promoting finding aids for this specific
community collection.
42. If items from the community-based collection are featured in exhibitions, please indicate how
often they are on view onsite and offsite (i.e., traveling or loans to other institutions). N=31
Frequency Onsite Offsite N
Never 3 16 16
Less than once a year 9 3 11
Once per year 5 3 7
2-3 times per year 3 2 5
3+ times per year 4 2 5
Permanently 5 1 6
Total Respondents 29 27 31
Comments N=13
Exhibitions of community-based collections are rare. In the case of the AMS an exhibition was organized to celebrate
the 75th anniversary of the organization.
Frequency is completely dependent on the themes of exhibits.
It’s an online exhibit.
Materials in collections are available for loan to other heritage institutions for exhibition.
Not regularly exhibited but were exhibited in conjunction with capstone symposium.
Our materials are not available for loans.
The artifacts portion of the collection belonging to the New England United Methodist Historical Society is permanently
installed at the conference offices of the New England Annual Conference in Lawrence, MA.
The collection has become an increasingly requested target of international museums and archives seeking to borrow
materials for exhibition.
There is a permanent, rotating display of fewer than 20 items in the library. The recent Canal anniversary has
significantly increased exhibition loan requests.
This collection will go on exhibit in 2016, onsite and in collaboration with the community and a local public library.
We do not lend our materials.
We have a gallery in West Hollywood, in our USC space and we use other offsite spaces.
While the loaning of collection materials is not standard policy for the Archives, items have been exhibited offsite in the
past. This type of exhibit use of Pan Am Flight 103 collection items is, however, extremely rare.
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