44 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
24. Who is responsible for the governance (general decision making) of the community-based
collection? Check all that apply. N=36
Library only 24 67%
Library and community organization 7 19%
Library and other department in the parent institution 2 6%
A separate corporation or group 1 3%
Library and cultural organization 0
Other entity 8 22%
Please identify the other entity. N=8
African Studies Association
CSWA Board
Library does consult with key community stakeholders.
Much depends on the type of collection. Some collecting efforts require liaisons with community entities, others extra-
library departments, others faculty within the library, and others are archives -only controlled.
ONE Archive is largely, to date, given independence to make decisions with regard to its collection policies and care.
The fonds is governed by the Memorandum of Agreement that transfers ownership to the University Library.
The volunteers on the project also have a say on the general decision making.
While the library is responsible for making decisions about the collection’s growth and direction, it does so with support
and input from a diverse Advisory Board made up of scholars, artists, and other community members.
25. Please briefly describe the current duties of the governing body, including division of labor. N=20
Appraisal and acquisition, arrangement and description, cataloging, and conducting oral histories
Archives &Special Collections manages the collection for the library.
Archives and Special Collections within the library in in charge of all the aspects of the management of this community-
based collection.
As mentioned previously, the Director and Pan Am 103 Archivist, Edward Galvin, is chiefly responsible for all decisions
regarding the collections development, advancement, and strategic planning for the Archives. The Assistant Archivist
is typically involved in these decisions, and is also responsible for daily operations of the Archives. As the University
Archives and Pan Am Flight 103 Archives have recently come under the purview of the Syracuse University Libraries,
Mr. Galvin now serves as a member of the Libraries Executive Team representing the needs and goals of the Archives in
relation to more general Libraries planning.
Collection development, service delivery, liaison, processing, conservation, fundraising, marketing and promotion.
While the majority of work is performed by Bruce Peel Special Collections Library staff, they do work closely with Library
Information Technology Services for processing and web work, as well as campus Advancement and Communication
colleagues on fundraising, donations work, promotion of events, etc.
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