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again—by Syracuse University Remembrance Scholars researching the student victims by a faculty member writing
a play based on the lives of these vibrant young people by journalists writing follow up stories on the tragedy and its
continuing impact. While the Archives is well used, many of the heaviest periods of inquiry are linked to the timeline
of Pan Am 103 and current events that bring the continued relevance of the bombing to the forefront of discussion.
Fall brings families, visitors, and alumni attending the university’s Remembrance Week events. New applicants for the
Remembrance Scholarships that will be rewarded the following academic year frequent the Archives during the winter.
The approach of December 21st brings with it inquiries surrounding the anniversary of the bombing, particularly during
milestone events such as the 25th anniversary in 2013. Finalists for Remembrance Scholarships return in spring to
prepare for interviews with the selection committee, and become more acquainted with the 35 students they’ll be asked
to represent. Events such as the release of Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, or the capture and death of Muammar Gaddafi
during the Libyan Civil War necessarily result in inquiries from the press. In addition to in-person usage, the curation of
the Archives website has increased virtual usage of the collections. The inclusion of online exhibits, such as the Timeline
of Events: The Pan Am 103 Saga, and a series of monthly features honoring specific victims ensure that the website
serves as an engaging and informative portal to the Archives. Finally, recent university initiatives to improve web
accessibility have resulted in the creation of dozens of new EAD finding aids and pages that will allow for an increase in
virtual research by a broader range of patrons.
The collection is not available digitally.
Unfortunately, the decrease is due to the shrinking veteran community however, research by others is increasing.
With digitization of the entire collection, completed almost one year ago, in-person use is beginning to decrease, while
virtual use has skyrocketed. The Baca Collection is the most heavily visited/used of all the library’s digital sites.
37. Using a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being very dissatisfied and 5 being very satisfied, please indicate
the level of perceived satisfaction that library faculty and/or staff have about working with the
community represented by the collection. N=35
1 Very Dissatisfied 0
2 2 6%
Neutral 9 26%
4 12 34%
5 Very Satisfied 12 34%
Comments N=4
Library dissatisfaction stems from managing realistic community expectations, and reconciling the divergent mission of
the original organization (museum) and that of the library.
Most interaction occurred around the acquisition and transfer of the collection.
Overall it is very satisfying, occasionally some of the volunteers take a lead and this can cause issues.
We want to engage more with community members to acquire material and promote use of material.
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