SPEC Kit 347: Community-based Collections · 37
16. Who is financially responsible for the care of this community-based collection? N=36
Library only 28 78%
Library and community organization 6 17%
Library and other campus department 1 3%
Other entity 1 3%
Please identify the other entity. N=1
There are several small endowments to help with maintenance of the archives and acquisitions.
17. Is the collection endowed? N=36
Yes, collection was acquired with endowment 0
Yes, endowment was secured after collection was acquired 4 11%
No 32 89%
18. Please share any additional information regarding financial support of the collection. N=10
A successful fundraising campaign subsidized the cost of the Painted Faces on the Prairies exhibition catalogue and
opera performance.
Donors are encouraged to provide some financial support, but this is entirely voluntary and they are not financially
responsible for the fonds.
Donors are encouraged to provide some financial support, however, this is entirely voluntary and they are not financially
responsible for the collection.
Donors, granting agencies, Friends support group, fundraising events, and the USC School of Social Work
Endowments are associated with individual collections, although some support the general IAWA collections.
It should be noted that the endowment does not cover the entire costs of the Pan Am 103 Archives. Expenses such as
archival supplies, equipment, conferences, and travel expenses are provided for, but the full salary and benefits of the
Assistant Archivist are provided by donated funds from families and friends. As such, the position is not considered
permanent but is reliant upon the community to provide continued funding.
Monies are provided each year (+/-$10,000) by the New England Conference and the New England United Methodist
Historical Society for supplies, student staffing, and travel. My salary is paid by Boston University.
The collection came to the Libraries with money that formed the basis of an endowment. Friends of the Collection/ the
community contributes financially through donations but is not responsible.
The collection is supported though a combination of: 1) %of time dedicated by regular permanent staff 2) allocation
of discretionary funds by the University Librarian 3) allocation of discretionary funds by Cornell Library’s Division of Rare
and Manuscript Collections and 4) fundraising and gifts.
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