30 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
With direction from the University Librarian, the Documenting Ferguson Project Team was formed and developed a
three-pronged strategy in documenting and preserving the events unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri, relating to the killing
of 18-year-old Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014.
The Concordia Club was approaching its 125th anniversary and needed an archival repository to take over the
stewardship of its collection. This donation followed on the heels of the K-W Oktoberfest donation a few years earlier.
The K-W Oktoberfest fonds was acquired as a result of the organisation’s 25th anniversary planning.
Saw the need to start documenting and found out the State Historical Society did not have an oral history collection on
this topic.
8. What forces drove the need for a collection partnership or acquisition? Check all that apply. N=35
Existing expertise and holdings in the library 24 69%
Aging of the community 13 37%
Conflict or other threats to the physical materials 8 23%
Economic difficulties 5 14%
Conflict or other threats to community stability 1 3%
Other force 20 57%
Please briefly describe the other force(s). N=20
A primary goal for this initiative was to document the existence and contributions of a community that was frequently
overlooked or ignored, particularly for the sake of scholarship and classroom use.
An effort to preserve the records for future research on the topics of race, ethnicity, labor, and immigration.
As new communities age and in the case of ethnic groups rapidly assimilate, the records are in danger of being lost.
Colorado State University history professor Sidney Heitman initiated a study of this unique population to preserve the
history of the mass ethnic migration to this region and in response to the aging population of immigrants. A 2006
strategic partnership between Colorado State University and Saratov State University (Russian Federation)—and the
founding of the International Center for German-Russian Studies—contributed to increased activity in working to collect
materials related to Colorado’s German Russian population.
Desire to preserve collection &make it available for research.
Ken was running out of space to house the collection, and wanted to find a permanent repository to preserve the
materials and make them available to the public.
Lack of sufficient coverage of the subject by other research libraries. Growth of interest in the subject by students and
scholars across multiple academic disciplines (the rise of Hip Hop Studies in the academy). Increasing recognition of the
historical significance and impact of this community across the globe.
Of the 270 men, women, and children killed in the December 21, 1988, terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over
Lockerbie, Scotland, 35 were students returning home from studying abroad through Syracuse University’s Division of
International Programs Abroad (DIPA). This tragic number meant the university had lost more victims than any other
institution with an existing archive. The charge of Chancellor Eggers that the university community fulfill a commitment
to preserve the memory of those 35 students and the tragic events of Pan Am Flight 103 necessitated the creation
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