SPEC Kit 347: Community-based Collections · 63
It fulfills a department and university mission to document and serve our urban community. I’m proud that my library
is actively engaged in collecting the histories of under represented people and making their stories available for future
generations of students, scholars, and the intellectually curious.
It has enhanced my understanding of the history of Massachusetts, and most specifically Boston, MA. I enjoy helping
people and teaching them how to preserve and organize their collections prior to the records arriving at the library.
It is good for the IJS to maintain a relationship with such important group of Ellington scholars and enthusiasts. There
are ongoing programming partnerships, we have co-hosted lectures and conference a few times, and plan to continue
to do so.
Preserving history as it happened. Preserving digital content from the community. Collaboration of various library staff.
Provide enhanced accessibility to the materials. Long-term, stable preservation of the collection. Additional research
materials made available to CSU students.
Providing scholarly resources to students, patrons and community. International collaboration and interaction with a
unique ethnic community. Preserving local and regional history.
Providing valuable research materials for growing scholarship. Enrichment working with staff at organization. Campus
wide support for acquiring a valuable collection.
Raw research materials preserved. Goodwill with the community in which the library resides (Manoa).
Relationships that have been established between Archives staff and the family members of the victims of Pan Am
103, as well the relationship that has grown between Syracuse University and Lockerbie, Scotland. The opportunity to
play a key role in honoring the university’s commitment to remember the 35 student victims, and, now, all 270 victims.
The work done at the Pan Am Flight 103 Archives has become a benchmark for other archives facing the collection of
materials related to other tragedies.
Renewed interest by parent organization.
Rich engagement and exchange between a powerful and important artistic community and the resources of a major
university. Increasing the diversity and inclusiveness of the university of which the collection is a part. Improving
representation of communities of color in the scholarly record.
Sharing our expertise. Getting to meet members of this community group. Exposure to other groups.
The collection provides ready reference on a wide array of individual graduates of the USN JLS/OLS, useful for writing
the newsletter, and for researchers.
This and other Feminist collections were given to us based on the strength of our various Feminist collections.
Valuable information on community-based social engagement programs complement other library collections.
We provide access to rich cultural content. We serve as a central repository for such groups thus insuring the
preservation of the groups. We provide users with the curatorial expertise to provide reference service and
research opportunities.
We provide physical access to the collections. Digital access to collections. Finding aid access to collections.
Wonderful material that has supported serious, extended research. Allowed us to form ties with an important
community organization.
Working with the group and expanding this collection.
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