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K-W Oktoberfest, Inc. fonds
K-W Oktoberfest, Inc. fonds |Special Collections &Archives
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K-W Oktoberfest, Inc. fonds
K-W Oktoberfest, Inc. fonds. -1969-1988.
ca. 70 m of textual records and other material.
K-W Oktoberfest was started in 1969 by a small group of interested
citizens and the four German clubs, under the auspices of the Visitors'
and Convention Bureau of the combined Kitchener-Waterloo Chambers of
Commerce, with the object of promoting tourism in the area. It was
incorporated with a provincial charter as K-W Oktoberfest Incorporated in
1971 on a no-share capital basis. Except for a small professional staff,
Oktoberfest is run by volunteers. A Board of Directors, Advisory Council,
and committees oversee all aspects of the festival, which is held annually
in October. K-W Oktoberfest's function is to plan, co-ordinate and
promote the festival. The Corporation's financial support is derived from
the sale of souvenirs, accreditation fees, sponsorships and donations.
Originally a beer festival patterned after the famous Munich Oktoberfest,
the festival shifted emphasis in the early 1970's to promoting Oktoberfest
as a cultural heritage event. Originally five days long, the festival now
spans nine days it is the world's second-largest Bavarian festival and
features Canada's only Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Miss Oktoberfest
Beauty Pageant, among many other events.
The records of K-W Oktoberfest document all aspects of the growth and
day-to-day operation of the festival from its beginnings in 1969. They
consist of incoming and outgoing correspondence, committee minutes and
reports, publications, ephemera, audio-visual materials, and other
material created or received by the Corporation in the course of its
business. Records from 1969-1983 are incomplete.
Title based on contents of the fonds.
Includes 40 m of textual records, ca. 14,000 photographs, ca. 18,000
slides, 35 scrapbooks, 150+ videorecordings, 45+ sound cassettes, 30+
sound reels. 3 sound discs, 25 film reels.
Donated by K-W Oktoberfest Inc. in April 1992 additional accessions
donated by individuals as listed in the finding aid.
Arranged in 7 subgroups:
Some files contain personal information and are restricted.
Terms governing reproduction and publication: copyright and trademark
are property of K-W Oktoberfest Inc. Releases and requests for
reproductions will be obtained as appropriate.
Detailed finding aid available.
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