32 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
9. Please indicate which characteristic(s) unites the community the collection represents. Check all
that apply. N=36
Shared special interest/affinity group 23 64%
Social group 16 44%
Ethnic group 15 42%
Geographic location 15 42%
Professional organization 8 22%
Political organization 7 19%
Religious organization 5 14%
Other characteristic 11 31%
Please briefly describe the other characteristic(s). N=11
A shared heritage of the community that is not an ethnicity.
Community made up of both creative artists and fans/participants sharing a set of artistic and aesthetic practices and
affiliated social and political goals and perspectives.
Community members affiliated with the Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives possess a shared experience
of loss. All members of the community group have in some way been affected by the bombing of Pan Am 103, and the
subsequent crash in Lockerbie, Scotland. Members of this international community include family and friends of the 270
victims first responders to the crash site residents of Lockerbie alumni and classmates of the 35 students killed in the
bombing faculty and staff of DIPA, Syracuse University, and the colleges whose students were studying abroad through
these programs investigators and lawyers journalists and authors. While connections of each member to the events
of Pan Am 103 are multifarious, their shared commitment to honoring the memory of the victims and preserving the
lessons of this tragic event are what bring them together as a community.
Feminist movement
Gender and sexuality group
Labor union
Military group. They were students recruited into the Navy and Marne Corps from around the country to come to the
University of Colorado to be trained (mostly) by Japanese American instructors in Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and
Malay between 1942 and 1945. Included are those who were the instructors.
Not sure what other characteristic LGBTQA would neatly fit into.
Profession and gender (women in architecture/design)
The Mazer Archives document the community, culture, political activity, and personal interests of the West Coast
lesbian community
Veteran’s group
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