SPEC Kit 347: Community-based Collections · 57
40. Please indicate which outreach activities library staff and/or community members have
coordinated in the past year to engage interested communities? Check all that apply. N=31
Outreach Activities Library staff Community
Contacting faculty/researchers directly 27 6 28
Contacting community members directly 19 15 26
Announcements on library website regarding updates and new collections 20 5 20
Hosting events at the site of the collection 19 7 19
Using social networking tools 14 9 18
Providing instructional workshops 14 3 14
Hosting events at the site of the community 8 11 14
Publishing reports on the value of collection 12 3 13
eNewsletters 8 3 9
Having a speakers council for community members 4 2 5
Other activity 6 3 7
Total Respondents 29 22 31
If you selected “Other activity/Library staff” above, please briefly describe the activity. N=6
Actively participating in events at various outside (not affiliated with the community) locations to promote awareness
and usage of the collection to a broader audience.
Local exhibits and professional presentations
Started a research travel grant for the collection in 2014.
We are in the process of making the finding aid available online so that the general public, including the community, will
be able to access the file listing and description of the collection much easier.
We have a curator who does most of our exhibitions, programming and social media.
If you selected “Other activity/Community members” above, please briefly describe the activity.
Fundraising dinners
If researchers contact the community, the community redirects the researchers to the University Archives. It is not known
if the community is engaging in outreach activities, in general.
Traveling exhibits
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