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universities. Israeli, Brazilian, French, Moroccan, and Dutch students participated in the program. The NCJW has offered
assistance to the poor and services to youth and aging through its Friendship Club (1951), the Rochester School Volunteer
Program (RSVP, 1962), Teen-Age Recreation Program (TARP, 1958), Meals on Wheels (1959), and two sponsored scout troops
(1950). The NCJW also takes an active interest in politics. During election years, their newsletter, the Bulletin, has presented the
NCJW’s position on various issues, including housing, urban renewal, nuclear weapons testing, the Vietnam War, and the 1972
Mid-East Peace Plan. The collection contains correspondence and minutes of board meetings, as well as budgets, presidents’
and committee reports, and copies of the Bulletin. Gift of the Rochester Division of the National Council of Jewish Women,
August, 1977.
The Duke Ellington Society Collection, 1986–2002
Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University
Documentation of conferences, signage, awards, and other memorabilia
Pacific Asian Coalition-New Jersey Chapter
Special Collection and University Archives, Rutgers University
The Pacific/Asian Coalition, New Jersey Chapter (PAC NJ), is a nonprofit group operating to promote the welfare and highlight
the issues of the Asian-Pacific American community in New Jersey. The Coalition was one of the first Asian-Pacific American
organizations in New Jersey. The records in this collection represent the work of the Coalition from 1974 to 2007, with the bulk
of the documents dating from 1976 to1986. Included among the records are meeting minutes, newsletters, directories, and
festival programs, together with press clippings.
California Social Welfare Archives
Special Collections, University of Southern California
The California Social Welfare Archives (CSWA) was organized in 1979 to collect materials that chronicle the history and diversity
of social welfare in California, with an emphasis on Southern California. The archive contains correspondence, minutes,
memoranda, annual reports, research papers, conference proceedings, oral histories, and newsletters of California social
welfare and related organizations that have reflected in their programs the development of social welfare programs, problems,
issues, and services in the State. It also contains the personal papers of social workers or social work lay or civic leaders who
participated in the emergence of social programs, public or private. Included in the collection are documents illustrating the
roles of philanthropic groups and, especially, those depicting the history of marginalized groups as providers and consumers of
mainstream social welfare services, as well as their experience in developing and using their own community services through,
for example, benevolent societies and religious groups.
Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
ONE National Gay &Lesbian Archives at the University of Southern California Libraries
The L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center was the first of its kind and began in 1969–70. We began collecting the materials early on
since we existed as an independent institution before joining with USC. The Center operates HIV, AIDS, STD, alcohol, elder
housing, youth housing, equal rights, and education campaigns for the gay community to name but a few. We first collected
years 1970–1988. Recently we acquired 1989–2008. The collections include office materials, images, program records, videos,
and much more.
Jewish Buffalo Archives Project
University Archives, University at Buffalo, SUNY
The Jewish Buffalo Archives Project collects mainly twentieth century documentation relating to the diverse histories, religious
traditions, and cultures of Jewish communities within the Greater Buffalo area of Western New York, encompassing the
geographic areas of Erie and Niagara Counties.
Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives
Syracuse University Archives, Syracuse University Libraries
In January of 1989, then Chancellor Melvin A. Eggers made a promise to the families of the 35 students killed in the December
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