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Concordia in 1979, and its donation of scholarships to students of German language in local universities have also played an
important role here. The club also places priority on caring for its aged members, and the club was behind the decision to secure
land for a seniors’ residence for the German-Canadian community in 1983. As a result of the efforts of Concordia the Senioren
Haus Concordia Inc. was founded as a separate non-profit corporation with a board of directors comprising representatives
from all German clubs in Kitchener. In 1984, the Senioren Haus Concordia was officially opened, and in 1990 the building of a
second seniors’ residence, Villa Concordia, was completed.
K-W Oktoberfest, Inc. fonds
Special Collections &Archives, University of Waterloo Library
The K-W Oktoberfest fonds consists of the records of an annual festival celebrating German culture, heritage, and tradition in
general and in our region in particular. Originally a beer festival patterned after the famous Munich Oktoberfest, the festival
shifted emphasis in the early 1970s to promoting Oktoberfest as a cultural heritage event. Originally five days long, the festival
now spans nine days it is the world’s second-largest Bavarian festival and features Canada’s only Thanksgiving Day Parade
and the Miss Oktoberfest Beauty Pageant, among many other events. The records of K-W Oktoberfest document all aspects
of the growth and day-to-day operation of the festival from its beginnings in 1969. They consist of incoming and outgoing
correspondence, committee minutes and reports, publications, ephemera, audio-visual materials, and other material created or
received by the Corporation in the course of its business.
Madison’s LGBT Community, 1960–Present
University of Wisconsin-Madison Archives (oral history collection)
Oral history interviews with LGBTQA people on campus and in Madison.
6. When did the library acquire or begin building this collection? N=36
Year Responses
1950s 1
1970s 3
1980s 3
1990s 11
2000s 11
2010s 7
7. Please briefly describe how the collection was acquired and the circumstances surrounding
acquisition. N=36
This collection began through an initial donation by Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung, which formed the basis
of a local 2010 exhibit: The Other Side of Gold Mountain. It grew through support from Helen Cheung and the local
Edmonton Chinese community, who donated additional memorabilia and shared their Prairie experiences and stories.
These new materials were featured in a 2014 exhibit: Painted Faces on the Prairies: Cantonese Opera and the
Edmonton Chinese Community.
I am not clear on that information as the collection had already been assembled for some time upon my arrival on the
job in June of 2005.
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