SPEC Kit 347: Community-based Collections · 35
Material 1
A few items
2 3 4 5
Most of the collection
Religious objects 6 3 0 0 0 9
Textiles 6 2 1 0 0 9
Other material 2 4 2 5 4 17
Total Respondents 26 27 25 13 29 36
13. Are artifacts in the collection separated from books and/or archival materials for the purposes of
arrangement and description? N=32
Yes 18 56%
No 14 44%
Comments N=10
Answered Yes N=6
Artifacts and models are separated from archival materials for the purposes of arrangement and description, although
they remain in a single finding aid.
Artifacts are described as a separate series by format along with other non-textual materials. However, they are not
housed in separate locations.
Artifacts have been physically separated from other collection materials in most cases, but, ultimately, the decision to
separate is based upon the size, condition, material, or format of the artifact. Some small three-dimensional artifacts
and pieces of memorabilia remain with their collections.
Kept with collection, but stored in separate containers for preservation purposes.
Size, format, and conservation issues require that we separate materials.
This is in process. Artifacts are separated from books but not always from archival materials.
Answered No N=2
Collection is currently not arranged or processed.
There are no artifacts.
Additional Comments N=2
Not relevant
We avoid collecting artifacts in the Archives.
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