38 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
We do accept financial donations to support the US Nava Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project, but not
just to support this collection.
19. Who is charged with daily operations of the collection? Check all that apply. N=36
Staff Category Processing and/
or cataloguing
Reference Interpretation Other activity N
A team of library professionals 19 24 16 11 28
A dedicated curator or archivist 13 12 10 6 16
Graduate Assistant 10 4 2 1 11
Community volunteers 4 3 3 4 8
Temporary or grant-funded
positions in the library
4 2 2 1 5
Other staff category/
9 6 4 6 13
Total Respondents 33 33 24 18 36
If you selected “Other activity” above, please briefly describe the activity and specify the staff
category. N=18
A dedicated curator or archivist N=5
Archivist: Art and Artifacts display/exhibitions, receptions, accompanying programs, wall text, basically from installation
to breakdown of all art exhibitions for the school and all exhibitions within the library, etc. Teach workshops on
conducting research with primary sources, how to use big data to enhance your dissertations, teach section of 2-credit
course, Research Colloquium for Doctoral Students on Research methods, workshop on how to search for materials.
Meet one-on-one with students to develop research topic and find appropriate resources for that topic. Cover circulation
when needed. Manage/managed facilities issues with regard to the library, but especially the archives and rare book
collection. I am also active in coordinating with Building and Grounds about some library related upkeep (such as sinks
in the bathroom overflowing, pest prevention and removal, etc.)
Collection development
Oral history training of possible volunteers interviewers or faculty/students in a class.
The dedicated archivist assists with outreach and the creation of exhibits.
Under the guidance of the Director and Pan Am 103 Archivist, the Assistant Archivist for the Pan Am Flight 103/
Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives is tasked with daily operations and liaison activities for the Archives. In addition to
collections processing, creation of EAD finding aids, collaboration with the Archives web manager, and reference
interactions, the Assistant Archivist assists in donor and public relations through the acknowledgement of financial
and in-kind donations, and co-hosting of campus visits maintenance of the Pan Am Flight 103 Archives social
media presence campus outreach and instruction to faculty, staff, students, and Remembrance/Lockerbie Scholars
participation in committee work and collections advocacy. The Director and Pan Am 103 Archivist is chiefly responsible
for all decisions regarding the collections development, advancement, and strategic planning for the Archives however,
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