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Madison’s LGBT Community, 1960-Present
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Madison’s LGBT Community, 1960's to present
The fifth collection in the UW-Madison Campus Voices series tells the story of the LGBT community on campus and in
Madison from the 1960's through today. Rather than one issue, one voice, one history, or one movement, the LGBT
story encompasses many. We don’t pretend to present a complete or comprehensive history— how could we when so
many important stories are still waiting to be told? What you will hear instead are the voices of politicians, professors,
students, and activists who comprise a small portion of our oral history collection and of the diverse stories not yet
captured. Below, one will hear (and see) shared memories of organizations, civic actions, cultural spaces, and fights for
justice. All aspects of this project hold one thing in common: the story-tellers believe their anecdotes to be undeniably
significant in the history of LGBT life at UW, Madison, the state, and country. And we agree.
This project is funded in part by a grant from the New Harvest Foundation, Incorporated, and we would like to thank
them for their outstanding generosity.
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