SPEC Kit 347: Community-based Collections · 47
We do have some community collections with restrictions on use and access. Our current expectation is that collections
that we bring in should be open to researchers.
We do not accept fonds with restrictions. (2 responses)
With caveats: each oral history narrator can choose to embargo their oral history interview for 1–50 years. They also
can choose to not have their interview available online. They can, if argued effectively, choose to be named Anonymous,
instead of giving their name.
28. Does the collection have a specific annual membership or friends’ affiliation that can be
purchased? N=36
Yes, with multiple giving levels 4 11%
Yes, with a single giving level 0
No 32 89%
Comments N=2
Not at this time, though one may be established in the future.
People can subscribe to the newsletter, and also become members of the New England United Methodist Historical
Society for a nominal fee. There are individual and institutional membership levels.
29. If a membership or friends’ affiliation can be purchased, is there a membership card? N=4
Yes 0
No 4 100%
Comments N=2
You do receive the newsletter and another publication, possibly Methodist History.
The community has requested a physical card.
30. Are monetary donations to the collection publicly recognized? N=28
Yes 13 46%
No 15 54%
If yes, please indicate the type of recognition given. Check all that apply. N=13
Published annual list 4 31%
Naming opportunities 4 31%
Physical or virtual bookplates 3 23%
Plaques 1 8%
Membership card 0
Other type of recognition 9 69%
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