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Guide to the Sidney Heitman Germans from Russia in Colorado Study Project Collection
presented by staff members as well as undergraduate research papers to exemplify research topics. The Larimer
County Naturalization Petitions contain genealogical information on several of the people staff members later
interviewed for oral histories. The largest portion of the collection is the oral histories of early immigrants to
Colorado. There are also some photographs of funeral scenes, family portraits, and Germans from Russia architecture.
A few phonographs and 8-track tapes are also in the collection, as examples of their music styles.
The materials in the collection have been completely rearranged. The former Germans from Russia Collection
consisted of the study project papers, clippings files, books, and other items. Over the summer of 2003, the collection
was split into three parts. All books not specifically donated to the study project were cataloged and entered into the
library's online catalog. The remaining materials were split into two collections. The Sidney Heitman Germans from
Russia in Colorado Study Project contains files related directly to the study project, while the Germans from Russia
Collection contains primary document research supporting the study project.
The collection consists of four series in 13 boxes and 6 oversize items:
Series 1: Project files, 1974-1997
Subseries 1.1: Correspondence of project members, 1974-1997
Subseries 1.2: Finances, 1975-1979
Subseries 1.3: Miscellaneous, 1974-1992
Series 2: Printed materials, 1907-1983
Subseries 2.1: Correspondence, 1918-1996
Subseries 2.2: Field reports, 1975-1976
Subseries 2.3: Information bulletins, 1976-1979
Subseries 2.4: Miscellaneous, 1907-1978
Subseries 2.5: Clippings, 1974-1978
Subseries 2.6: Research generated, 1971 -1983
Series 3: Community research conducted, 1926-1982
Subseries 3.1: Slides, undated
Subseries 3.2: Miscellaneous, 1976
Subseries 3.3: Oral histories, 1968-1982
Subseries 3.4: Photographs, 1926-1978
Series 4: Oversize, 1908-1978
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Preferred Citation
Sidney Heitman Germans from Russia in Colorado Study Project Collection, Archives and Special Collections,
Colorado State University.
The Germans from Russia in Colorado Study Project directly placed items into the special collections department of
Colorado State University Libraries throughout the project's existence. Formal ownership transferred to Colorado
State University Archives and Special Collections in 1996.
Not all items originally collected by the study project remain in the collection. Items removed were deemed illegible
or unrelated to the collection. Illegible photocopies of A.C. Bauman's personal papers and sermons were discarded.
Correspondence between members of the study project and Mr. Bauman are in Series 1, Subseries 1. David G.
Rempel donated illegible photocopied documents from the Soviet Archives that were also discarded.
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